How to Be a Punk Rocker?

Answer Wanna be punk? Read this and you're ready!

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How to Become a Punk Rocker?

This is a simple guide on how to be a Punk Rocker. Being a Punk, of course, is about individuality, so use these as only basic guide-lines and feel free to disregard some points if you wish.

How to Be a Punk Rocker on Your Guitar?

Ever wanted to play like the Ramones or the Clash?

How to Be a Ture Punk Rocker?

If you want to be a true punk then you are looking in the wrong place. If you WANT to be a true punk, well then you've failed already, but maybe this will help.

How to Be a Punk Rocker in Middle School?

Your parents probably think and/or tell you that being a punk means doing illegal stuff. Punk today is all about music and rebellion. This is how to be a punk rocker in middle school.