How to Be a Proper Person?

Answer The key for living a rewarding and successful life is striking that balance between too much of one thing and too much of the other.

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File a suit in Proper person?

In Proper Person is from the Latin, in propria persona, often shortened to "in pro per." It means that you are acting on your own behalf, without the assistance of an attorney. The more common term... Read More »

What Is the Proper Greeting on a Letter to a Person with a Doctorate Degree?

The correct greeting on a letter to a person with a doctorate degree, or Ph.D., is "Dear Dr." followed by the person's surname. If you know the person to whom you are writing very well, you may wis... Read More »

Is a person a bad person if he or she does not enjoy spending time with their family?

i don't think so because the person might want time alone

Since my bank wants to charge me $2 for person-to-person customer service inquiries....?

Which is why I no longer Bank with Bank of America, Union Planters, Citi, or Wachovia (now part of Wells Fargo)..I will make this a plug for Northern Trust.Northern Trust doesn't charge my lawn guy... Read More »