How to Be a Prominent Nerd/Geek?

Answer Being a Nerd or Geek doesn't set the floor for harassment or abuse by peers, but rather challenges such a notion and provides the profound opportunity to both elevate one's status on both the Socia... Read More »

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Hairstyles for a Prominent Nose?

There are many hairstyles that work well with prominent noses. The key to finding a style that works is to draw attention to features like eyes and cheekbones, and use volume to balance your nose w... Read More »

I have a Prominent rib cage?

We are our own worst critics. If it was of a concern, your doctor would have mentioned it.

Do you have any scars or prominent birthmarks?

I have a small birth mark on my chinA scar on my lower left leg from a bike falling on me when I was a kidA long surgery scar on lower abdomenYucky mole on my neck that's been there all my life

How to Apply Makeup on Prominent Eyes?

Women with prominent eyes are lucky. They have a lot of space to get creative with using eye makeup. What's more, they can use the boldest darkest colors without fear of overpowering their eyes. To... Read More »