How to Be a Preppy Scene Kid (for Girls and Guys)?

Answer Do you wish to achieve the scene look whilst retaining a few preppy qualities along with it (or vice versa)? Well, then you've come to the right place! Preppy-scene, or "prepcore", is quite a versa... Read More »

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What do girls like more , preppy , ghetto or punk on guys?

depends on which type of girls your talking bout...and all girls have different tastes so there isnt any one favorite....

How to Have a Preppy Attitude (for Guys)?

When you're a preppy guy, most of being a prep is your attitude not just the clothes. If you look around, you'll notice that a lot of people wear preppy clothes, but very few have the attitude.

How to Look Preppy in Winter (Guys)?

For many who consider themselves preppy, it's easy showing it in the warm months of the year. But when the weather gets colder, many don't really know what to do to keep looking preppy. Guys have a... Read More »

How to Be Stylish and Preppy (for Girls)?

Preppy is often misconstrued, with people using it to label the fashionable clothes that they wear. This article will tell you how to be truly preppy.