How to Be a Popular Transgendered Person in High School?

Answer Have fun!Many people say that being popular if you are transgendered is impossible. Really, it isn't. This article however, can teach you how to make a large amount of friends and create a positive... Read More »

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How to Be a Popular Person at School?

In school everyone would love a chance to be popular. People worry if they aren't popular enough and if they have "cool" enough friends. Many people have this worry, so you are not alone!

How much more money does a person with a high school diploma make than a person with a GED?

1) States passed a law which required 12 to 16 weeks of school attendance by students between the ages 8 and 14. Major Results: Created strict rulesand physical punishment, which made students mise... Read More »

How to Be Popular in High School?

High school can be brutal and quite scary for some people. Here are some helpful tips to help you climb up the social scale. Dress very nicely and be cool!

How do the "popular" people act at your high school?

Most kids at my school that are what I would consider "popular" (which actually includes myself) are:1. Very smart2. Athletic3. Fun-loving4. Act crazy at parties and dances5. Are friendly to everyo... Read More »