How to Be a Pokemon Trainer on Club Penguin?

Answer Well, you are here because you saw a Pokemon on Club Penguin aren't you? Well I'm here to show you just how to be a trainer!

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How to Use a Club Penguin Trainer and Not Be Banned?

So you always get banned? You have a old rare penguin you don't want to be banned? You have come to the right place!

How to Make a Club Penguin Trainer Load?

This is how you make a Club Penguin trainer load.

How to Catch a Pokemon in Club Penguin?

Pokemon are fascinating creatures and may, from your point of view, be only in the Pokemon world. Not true. Recently, many have been sighted on Club Penguin along with strange Pokemon eggs. You can... Read More »

How to Be a Pokemon Ranger on Club Penguin?

Bored Of Being A Trainer? Be A Ranger!