How to Be a Plain Jane?

Answer Remember that girl in school who is always in the library? Her clothes are always ironed and matching. She has symmetrical hair and those perfect pearly white teeth. It's not weird to secretly want... Read More »

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How to Stop Being a Plain Jane?

A plain Jane is somebody who is not comfortable with themselves, who is not noticed when she walks out of school, and who is kind of a nerd. This article teaches you to be Lively, and wild, let loo... Read More »

Am I attractive, or just a plain Jane?

What support is there in Jane Eyre that she is plain?

She only has one silk dress, which she treasures and wears only at special events in her life. Other than that, she wears plain dresses. In chapter 13 when she meets with Mr. Rochester, it says "..... Read More »

In what episode of Jane and the Dragon does Jane wear Jester's hat?

"Jester Justice". Jane puts on Jester's hat in hope that Sir Ivan will mistake her for Jester so he [who had been called forth to a match with Sir Ivan after making jokes behind his back] would not... Read More »