How to Be a People Person?

Answer A People Person is a person who enjoys being around people, rather than alone. If you tend to be the latter, here are some steps you can take to become someone who enjoys the company of others.

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CSI Miami Episode I saw a episode that a person taking pictures of CSI People The person didn't tell police what he was working for Then Jesse got took and the next day unknown people released him?

Why do people call other people noobs, instead of actually HELPING the person learn?

I think it is a state of mind. Often in the world people just cant seperate real life from fantasy/web. Kids often use it because its supposed to be cool to be rude and nasty. My kids dont ... Read More »

How to Be a Person People Want to Be Around?

Are you someone people avoid, or people don't want to be friends with? Some people are, some people aren't. But if you are, this How-To is for you!

How to Be a Good Person That People Look up To?

Ever wanted to be a person that people look up to? Well read on and you can!