How to Be a Normal High School Girl Without Dating?

Answer Read instead.High School is a great time in a person's life. However, peer pressure could be present. A girl may have a tough time because she does not want to date. Here is how to fix this.

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How to Be a Party Girl in High School Without Screwing up Your Life?

Almost every girl in high school secretly wants to be a party girl, let loose of rules and worries and have fun! This article will tell you how to do just that .. without causing problems with pare... Read More »

HIGH SCHOOL GUYS: Whats the best thing a high school girl can wear to look good?

I have high bp as 140/90 how can it be normal without medicine?

it is not so high, however, you have to keep eye on you numbers. mostly, when people lose their weight (about 3~5% of you body weight) it helps dropping HBP. Good luck

Can you join any branch of the US military without a high school diploma and without a GED?

No, there are no US Military forces that accept non-graduates or those who do not have a GED.