How to Be a Non Profit Board Member?

Answer If your goal is to be on the Board of Directors of a non profit without starting your own organization, read on:

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In a non profit organization can a board member use his personal business to get paid fringe benefits?

Your question is confusing. A person can use his personal business to obtain fringe benefits. A person may sit on a condominium board. However, the person sitting on the board who has a personal... Read More »

What is the length of tenure of a board member appointed to replace a board member who resigned?

Read your governing documents to confirm that the rather standard practice is in effect in your community. Usually, an appointed officer fills out the remainder of the resigned officer's term.

President of the board non board member blocked changed post office box and bank account from acting board voted manager of condo association what can we do?

That depends on who 'we' might be. From your question, it's unclear who's a non-board member, and who's the manager, and who is 'we'.If you are other members of the board, you can enlist the suppor... Read More »

If a board member has a restraning order on them in a co-op can they still serve on that board?

Your question poses several variables that may or may not apply. For example: Who filed the restraining order? Another board member? Someone not involved in the business of the co-op?What is the ba... Read More »