How to Be a Ninja Spy?

Answer There are 3 forms of ninjas,which are ninja assassins, urban ninjas, and ninja spies. This article will tell you how to be a ninja spy, because being an assassin is illegal, and urban ninjas just d... Read More »

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What does the ninja warrior ninja in Japanese?

that doesnt make sense!!!!!!!!I think he means : "what does the ninja warrior do in japan" is it?

How to Be a Kid Ninja?

Ninjas are the coolest people ever. They are undetectable, and silent, but at the same time make a huge impact on the world around them.

How to Be a Ninja?

A ninjaYou've seen them in movies and Japanese anime. But what exactly are ninja? A true ninja (shinobi, in Japanese) is not just someone who wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices eve... Read More »

How to Run Like a Ninja?

Do you need to run fast and quietly? Need to sneak quickly but silently? Well here are some tips on how to do just that!