How to Be a Nice and Not Preppy Cheerleader on Club Penguin?

Answer Ever wanted to be a cheer leader but don't want to be preppy.

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How to Be a Preppy Nice Smart College Girl on Club Penguin?

Ever wanted to be a girly, nice, and smart college girl on Club Penguin? If your answer is yes, without being a total nerd you can be nice, smart, and preppy at the same time!

How to Be a Cheerleader on Club Penguin?

Have you ever been really depressed with your penguin on club penguin now you don't have to with these easy and fun steps you will be so proud and never want to lose that account.

How to Be the Most Popular Cheerleader in Club Penguin?

Being a Club Penguin is hard when you're unpopular. If you want to be known by your style and penguin, cheerleader style is for you! This is how to be a cheerleader style in Club Penguin!

How to Be a Spanish Cheerleader on Club Penguin?

Aussie? NO! American? NO! French? NO! Spanish? YES! All right! Find the dark juicy secrets to Spanish cheerleaders on club penguin.