How to Be a Nerf Vortex Field Commander?

Answer If your squad gets creamed every NERF war you have, take charge and lead your troops to victory. Read on to find out how.

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How to Have a Nerf Vortex War?

If you have Vortex guns and friends who have them, you probably want to have a war. Read on to find out how.

How far can you throw a Nerf Vortex?

A Nerf Vortex foam ball can be thrown at a distance of about 100 feet on average. The world record distance of a thrown Nerf Vortex is just more than 300 feet. The Nerf Vortex is available in a var... Read More »

How to Have a Good Nerf Vortex Squad?

Do you have vortex blasters and want to start an elite squad. If you do, read on.

Need some good field commander/drum major audition songs?

Here's a good sheet music for drum:…Browse some.