How to Be a Mysterious Vampire?

Answer Are you dark? Mysterious? Beautiful? Well, even if you're not, you can be with this guide to being a vampire. It's not about being a goth- it's about adapting yourself...

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Is this guy really supossed to be the mysterious vampire Edward?

I want to bury my face in his glorious chest hair before he turns me into a sexy creature of the night.Oh, Robert...

What vampire movies would you advise to an adult who doesn't understand the story behind the vampire.?

Dracula, I forget who directed it. Bit there was one made in the mid 90s that went through the original story of the first vampire. Vlad the Impailer was a big inspiration for the author that wrote... Read More »

Why cant i get my avatar to show up correctly sum generic vampire for the game shows up to everyone else as my vampire?

Will Ethan become a vampire in the season finalie in your babysitter is a vampire?

Yes Eventually I hope he would look hot as a vampire or fledgling Wrote By: jessabell14 I hope so it would make it even more likely for Sarah and Ethan to become bf/gf (which i would like) and al... Read More »