How to Be a Mutant Animal on Club Penguin?

Answer Some people get tired of club penguin after they've been on it for a while, believe it or not! They get bored and don't know what to do, because they've already done everything they consider fun fo... Read More »

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How to Be an Animal on Club Penguin?

Want to be a animal on CP? Here's how!

How to Adopt an Animal on Club Penguin?

You know those babies in the pet shop, did you know you can get virtual pets? (Not puffles)

How to Be Animal Control on Club Penguin?

There is hardly any animal control around CP, but it is not a very nice thing. However, some people may be sick of animals other than Penguins and Puffles on Club Penguin. If you are, then this art... Read More »

How to Make an Animal Hospital on Club Penguin?

Have you ever went to the town and heard people say "Hospital at my iggy!" or "Animal shelter at my place!" and wished you could be like them? Or even combine those two things together? Read furthe... Read More »