How to Be a More Flexible Gymnast?

Answer Gymnastics requires a ton of physical ability to advance to harder levels or participate in this sport. You may be wonderful at doing handstands, cartwheels, and flips, but you still need to contin... Read More »

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How to Get to Be More Flexible?

Stiff and stuck? Hurts when you try to bend? Read my tips, it helped me develop a flexible body that can do a lot!

How do I get more flexible?

Stretching is the best way to gain flexibility. Start out by setting small goals for yourself such as working on touching your toes without bending your knees. This can be done either by sitting or... Read More »

How to Get a More Flexible Back?

Flexibility in your back is important for many sports including gymnastics. Increasing your flexibility can only be accomplished over time and can be a very difficult or very easy task depending on... Read More »

How to Be More Flexible Than You Already Are?

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