How to Be a More Attractive Person?

Answer Do you want to feel more attractive? Perhaps you want to be more attractive for yourself as well as people around you? It is not difficult or expensive to be a more attractive person. ... Read More »

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How to Be an Attractive Person?

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What makes a person's face beautiful or attractive to you?

Having a perfectly symmetrical face makes someone attractive, apparently. As for me, I'm not sure, the people I find attractive a lot of other people find unattractive. It's all subjective. Beau... Read More »

Can colored contacts make an ugly person attractive?

its really about who you want to attract, your not going to get everyone to like you, or think your attractive, its just not as for contacts, it depends what the guy looks for in a wo... Read More »

How attractive an I from 1-10 AND tips for making myself more attractive?

Honestly, I find humility attractive. You are physically good looking enough, but your tag shows some true colors.edit:Physically good looking=outward appearancetag=what you call yourself