How to Be a Lone Spy?

Answer Are you an only child? Maybe you aren't, but want to do something by yourself?? Learn how to be a lone spy.

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When was the first Lone Ranger movie produced and who played the Lone Ranger?

The first Lone Ranger movie was the 1920 short film "The Lone Ranger," starring Leo D. Maloney. It also was known as "Bud Kirkland's Buddy." The first feature film was "The Lone Ranger" in 1956, st... Read More »

How did the lone gunmen die?

In the Season 1 episode the Man in the Morgue, he comes from DC to meet her in New Orleans when she is hurt, loses her memory, and is mysteriously involved in a murder. He also flies to the desert... Read More »

Were there lone snipers?

there are two different things and E8 can be in the marine corp. One is a master seargent. It is indicated by 3 stripes up, 3 stripes down ( rockers ) and cross rifles in the middle. Or a first sea... Read More »

When was the lone ranger broadcast by BBC?

Pretty sure it started on BBC in October or November 1957. I recall pestering my parents to get our first TV so that I could watch the series. We got one in November 1957 and I believe I missed the... Read More »