How to Be a Little Angel?

Answer Want to be known for being impeccably sweet and adorable? Well, come on then, keep reading.

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Why was spike brought back in s1 of angel when in Buffy he was still alive until season 7 i was told that angel season 1 was around about Buffy season 4 so he is in season 4 of Buffy alive?

Spike made an appearance in season 1 of Angel, attempting to obtain a magical artifact that would make him invulnerable; this story line is a crossover from Buffy season 4 where Spike is very much ... Read More »

What does angel mean?

How to Be Like an Angel?

AngelDo you want others to think you are a creature from heaven? You can be an angel in looks and personality. Since there's already an article about how to look like one, here are some tips to hel... Read More »

How to Look Like an Angel?

There are some people who seem to float by with an angelic look on their face that's hard to resist. Fortunately, those who aren't born looking angelic can achieve the look with some attention to t... Read More »