How to Be a Hair Model?

Answer Have you ever wanted to be a hair model. It's fun and you can even get a free hair style. It takes a lot of confidence because sometimes you may have to model in front of total strangers for a hair... Read More »

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How to Get Sleek, Straight Model Hair?

Many women covet sleek, straight hair. Models often pose in magazines and strut on runways, showing off beautiful, straight hairstyles. Any woman can recreate this look. Even women with extremely c... Read More »

Do you believe you can get the model-like hair which is showcased in the ads What do you feel about it?

The shiny hair that is depicted in commercials is so fake. It is a marketing ploy aimed at young consumers who are baited by false advertising! It looks to me like they use special lighting to mak... Read More »

What is the age and value of 45 caliber us army model Ithaca m1911 A1 model 1248532?

This particular M1911A1 was made in 1943.(Source: depends upon the condition of the gun. A possible range of value would be $400 to $1,500.

How do I hook my magnavox dvd player model DV225mg9 to my sanyo tv model DP26647?

The inputs should be on the back of your dvd player. The yellow is for picture and right next to it should be the two inputs for the red and white audio cords.So a yellow, red and white goes into ... Read More »