How to Be a Good Vehicle Gunman in Halo 3?

Answer Can't seem to please your driver with the amount of skill you have? Can't seem to get many kills as the gunner on a vehicle? Being a good gunner on Halo 3's multiplayer or campaign can swing a game... Read More »

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How to Be a Good Vehicle Driver in Halo 3?

Can't seem to keep your vehicle alive? Constantly getting blown up by rockets, missile pods and lasers? Getting put down by your gunners and passengers? Being a good driver on Halo 3's multiplayer ... Read More »

How to Destroy a Vehicle in Halo 3?

In halo 3 you may be confronted by vehicles. The vehicles are normally at a large advantage. But with experience you can take out vehicles as an infantry trooper.

How to Board an Enemy Vehicle in Halo 3?

Ghosts and Warthogs running riot against your team in Halo 3's multiplayer? Can't seem to shoot the wraiths down in campaign? Banshee dodging all your missile pod attacks? Does any of this seem fam... Read More »

How to Make a Civilian Vehicle in Halo 3?

This is only a civilian warthog. Not everything will turn out this way.First off, if you don't know what a civilian vehicle is, it is a vehicle that does not have a turret. (Please note that with d... Read More »