How to Be a Good Vehicle Driver in Halo 3?

Answer Can't seem to keep your vehicle alive? Constantly getting blown up by rockets, missile pods and lasers? Getting put down by your gunners and passengers? Being a good driver on Halo 3's multiplayer ... Read More »

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How to Be a Good Vehicle Gunman in Halo 3?

Can't seem to please your driver with the amount of skill you have? Can't seem to get many kills as the gunner on a vehicle? Being a good gunner on Halo 3's multiplayer or campaign can swing a game... Read More »

If a driver in the household is not listed on the insurance on a vehicle can they drive that vehicle if they are given permission by the insured?

Answer For New York, I think the answer is yes, *legally*, but a "driver in the household not listed on the insurance" is wrong contractually with your insurance company. I am trying to research ... Read More »

If the owner of the vehicle allowed her daughter to drive without auto insurance and she had an accident with injuries can she sue the driver of the other vehicle?

Answer I am terribly sorry to hear about the accident and hope those that were injured are on the mend. When parents have the insurance on a vehicle and allow their kids to drive that vehicle they ... Read More »

If you are the primary driver of a leased vehicle in your parent's name who lives at a separate address can you insure the vehicle under your own policy at your address instead of theirs?