How to Be a Good Tight End?

Answer So you plan on being a tight end. Tight ends come with different styles of playing. Some tight ends are fast and use to be a extra receiver. Some tight ends are used for blocking and then there are... Read More »

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Ladies do you think guys look good in tight clothes or is it just weird?

My 13 year old nephew wears skinny jeans & he has to get girl ones, cause the others "don't fit him right" don't fit him right? They look ridiculous! I hate the way skinny jeans look on boys, I am... Read More »

Is it normal to feel quite sore and tight after receiving a massage is this good?

Yes, this is normal. Not only from rubbing the muscles, which can cause them to contract and relax, but from your body releasing toxins. Good things to do are to make sure you're drinking plenty of... Read More »

Storing Hatorade (Vodka + gatorade) in a plastic, sealed air tight container. Am I good?

haha my friend calls that **** "Faderade" and that's exactly what it does to me...but sorry, I can't answer the rest of your question lol

Does a tight ballon knot ( anus-hole ) predict good health in people over 25 or 30?

Yeah, that's it...over 30 its all slack like a drunk clown's mouth.