How to Be a Good Talker?

Answer Communication is an art form. While opening your mouth and producing sounds may be simple, creating sounds with meaning and speaking in a manner that is optimally effective is not. If you want to b... Read More »

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How to Be a Good Listener when You're Not a Good Talker?

Have you ever actually been in the situation where you don`t seem to be very articulate in your speaking, and another friend needs a good listener? Well here it is, the article to use when you get ... Read More »

How to Get off the Phone With a Talker?

Unless they're paying you by the minute, don't let someone trap you on the phone. Take control!

Are you a talker or a texter?

i agree.. also for me it depends who it is.

Hi my daughter is 3 and she seems delay talker .Any suggetion?

schools do have speech teachers for preschoolers and a regular speech therapist works wonders. Myson has autism causing his speech to be very delayed ( still is at 7) but because f the speech teach... Read More »