How to Be a Good Stay at Home Parent?

Answer Being a Stay-at-Home parent is, perhaps, one of the most exciting challenges you will ever face in your life. Books and entire websites have been written on the topic. Therefore, this wikiHow will ... Read More »

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Is there a law in MI against having a child aged 9 come home alone to an unlocked house and stay there until a parent gets home from work 12 hour to an hour later?

Could a parent get into legal trouble if let a child under 13 stay home alone in Illinois?

While many locales have set up safe places to drop off babies who would otherwise be abandoned, the intent was not to provide the same option for older children.

A good reason for leaving the home of the parent that has custody wouldn't be that the child is depressed from being lonely or constant fighting between the custodial parent and child?

what would be a good reason to tell the housing people why u want 2 leave homewhat would be a good reason to tell the housing people why u want 2 leave home

Can non custodial parent who has reasonible parenting time less than 40 hours a month by choice allow the child to stay at someone elses home that is not family overnight?

As far as I know, it is never illegal to ride in the front seat of a car, however, most auto manufacturers recommend the passenger being 13 years or older.