How to Be a Good Sniper in Any Game?

Answer Ever wonder why you will be walking down some deserted ally in your first-person shooter game and suddenly, someone snipes you in the head?

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Should i become a marine scout sniper or army sniper or navy sniper?

Well, first, you should ensure you can make it. You won't enlist into the Army or the Navy as a sniper - in the Army, you'd have to enlist as either an infantryman or Cavalry Scout, then request an... Read More »

How to Be a Good Sniper in Gears of War?

This article is all about how to be a good sniper on gears of war. i hope this will help in your future sniping 'career'.

Which sniper rifle is the most powerful sniper in the World?

The 50 caliber sniper rifle is one of the most powerful sniper on earth. So the answer is the 50 caliber sniper rifle.

How to Be a Good Sniper in Urban Terror?

This article will help you become a better sniper in Urban Terror, a free first person shooter game for your PC.