How to Be a Good RuneScape Moderator?

Answer Okay, so you're lucky enough to have been chosen by Jagex to be a Moderator. But can you be a good one?

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How to Become a RuneScape Moderator?

Being a moderator is an important responsibility in RuneScape. With this responsibility comes a silver in-game crown, elevated report status, and ability to mute for up to 48-hours. Trusted members... Read More »

How do i become a Moderator on Chatango?

The best way to become a moderator of any website is to become a member. You then need to prove that you can use the site regularly and responsibly. Then contact the site owners after being a membe... Read More »

How to Get an Owner/Moderator Position on Xat?

Want to be an owner/moderator on a xat chat, but nobody trusted you? Read on to be one!

How Can I Become A Forum Moderator?

Hey!Contact them to get the job on here:…Good luck!₮ ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ₮