How to Be a Good RuneScape Moderator?

Answer Okay, so you're lucky enough to have been chosen by Jagex to be a Moderator. But can you be a good one?

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How to Become a RuneScape Moderator?

Being a moderator is an important responsibility in RuneScape. With this responsibility comes a silver in-game crown, elevated report status, and ability to mute for up to 48-hours. Trusted members... Read More »

How Can I Become A Forum Moderator?

Hey!Contact them to get the job on here:…Good luck!₮ ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ₮

How to Become a Moderator in Kongregate?

Ever wanted to silence those annoying trolls in chatrooms? Ever wanted to have more power? Then this guide is for you. Some parts in this guide are not fully necessary though.

How do i become a Moderator on Chatango?

The best way to become a moderator of any website is to become a member. You then need to prove that you can use the site regularly and responsibly. Then contact the site owners after being a membe... Read More »