How to Be a Good Parent if You Are a Teenager?

Answer Are you a teenager due a baby? Here is how to handle the situation and be a good parent to the baby.

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Do you think it's possible for a teenager to be a good parent......?

yeswell at my age(17) if i had a descent amount of money I parents suck, well not entirely, they support us with food and housing. Most parents are going to say that is all you need but i ... Read More »

If a parent cannot control a teenager can they give up custody of the teenager to the state?

So long as they are under the age of 18, then yes you can. But why would anyone want to put their own child into care! It may be a long hard road but there are plenty of organisations out there to ... Read More »

If a teenager has already moved in with a parent how old do they have to be to decide they want to move in with the other parent?

Answer Minors donÂ’t get to make that decision. If the parents canÂ’t reach an agreement, then a judge decides. A judge will consider a teenagerÂ’s wishes, but they arenÂ’t bound by what the chi... Read More »

16 year old teenager does not want to visit non-custodial parent during visitation what can custodial parent do?

Teach the child to respect the authority of the court. Teenagers do not want to be required to do anything with a parent. It's the job of the parent to remind them that family comes first.