How to Be a Good Mathematician?

Answer Being a mathematician does not mean that you have to do maths all day long (though, of course, if you find it fun, you can). A lot of people are good mathematicians because they just love developin... Read More »

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How to Play Pool Like a Mathematician?

Do you play pool as badly as you golf? Have you finally got it to the point where you can make that shot that's not straight in, but the cue ball goes in as well? Well, this page will teach you som... Read More »

Who was the first mathematician to discover fractals?

Benoît Mandelbrot discovered fractals in 1975. Though born in Warsaw, Poland in 1924, Mandelbrot moved to Paris, France in 1936 and typically is considered a French mathematician as a result. Mand... Read More »

Which mathematician is considered the father of algebra?

Born in Baghdad around 780 A.D., Al-Khwarizmi, called the father of algebra, focused his teaching on algebraic techniques, unlike his contemporary Diophantus, who concentrated on number theory. Al-... Read More »

What mathematician invented the distance formula?

Pythagoras of Samos, ancient mathematician and philosopher, developed the Pythagorean theorem and the formula for deciphering the distance between two points. The distance formula and the Pythagore... Read More »