How to Be a Good Hostess at Your Dinner Party?

Answer Here are some nice things you can do to be the perfect hostess for your dinner party. Being gracious is about more than serving food, it means making others feel comfortable.

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Should I Take a Hostess Gift to a Dinner Party?

When terminating a vendor, it's necessary to put the notice in writing, even if you notify the vendor in person or over the phone. A letter terminating the vendor creates documentation for your rec... Read More »

Is this a good menu for a 70's dinner party?

Have to agree with Pam. Never heard of nor met any elderly people who are wary of prawns as such. The seventy year olds today were the ones who thew dinner parties in the seventies. It really is a ... Read More »

What is a good quick dish to bring to a dinner party?

pick up some type of salad from a deli! can't be much quicker than that!

Gifts for a Tea Party Hostess?

Tea parties suggest elegance and etiquette. The Tea Party Club website suggests tea party guests bring tea party hostess gifts befitting the occasion. Select a gracious gift to express your gratit... Read More »