How to Be a Good Chick Fil A Customer?

Answer Chick-Fil-A is the healthiest, best-quality fast food around. Their special attention to customer service and appreciation warrants an effort by the customer to do their part to make the fast food ... Read More »

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How to Get Good Customer Service when Talking to a Customer Service Representative?

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What's a good movie [chick-flick] that I could give my friend for her birthday?

notebook i recommend it for everyone great movie

How to Be a Good Customer?

Just as good customer service is the store's responsibility, good customer behavior is yours. Follow these steps to make life easier for employees, and possibly make your own experience more pleasa... Read More »

How to Be a Good Subway Customer?

Being a good Subway customer not only makes the process much faster, but it also makes the employees happier. In return, you will get a better quality sub, and a more friendly service. Follow these... Read More »