How to Be a Good Buyer?

Answer How to shop smart and not waste your money on stuff you need to return.A shopping spree can be fun, but it is not fun when you return home and see a broken item or a ripped shirt you just bought. H... Read More »

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Do both the buyer and co-buyer have to be on same insurance policy even if one never drives the car?

AnswerAs the co-signer has a financial interest in the property, meaning if something happens to the vehicle he can be made to pay "All" the bills, Then he should certainly be insured on the policy... Read More »

What is an NPI buyer?

NPI stands for new product introduction. A buyer is the person who procures the material that a business needs to carry out its operations. The NPI buyer is the specialist who looks for new avenues... Read More »

What is a fashion buyer?

Fashion buyers purchase clothing and accessories for retail establishments. Areas of expertise include successfully forecasting trends, knowing target markets, understanding buying patterns and pla... Read More »

How to Be a Fashion Buyer?

Many people give little thought to the fashion selections offered in stores. However, the items available for you to purchase do not appear without great skill and research. Fashion buyers discover... Read More »