How to Be a Good Blogger?

Answer It's a lot of fun to blog, but it can get old fast if no one is visiting! Getting your blog to the top of the search engines for your main key phrases should be your goal to make this traffic happe... Read More »

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Can you recommend me a good site for a begginer blogger which is simple ?

try www.blogspot.combut the easiest ever is www. and they are both freeand I prefer because it's like playing LOL

How to Add a Page to Blogger?

Blogger pages are designed to allow users to publish content on stand-alone pages that are linked to their blog's home page in Google Blogger. Pages are a good way for bloggers to highlight key fea... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Wrench in Blogger?

If you publish a Blogger blog, you might have noticed a semi-transparent wrench and screwdriver icon floating beside the gadgets and design elements of your blog. Clicking this icon allows you to a... Read More »

I want to be a blogger!?

Well, if you still have to ask your mom to make a tumblr, I'm not sure you're even old enough to have one. So, knowing your age would help. But, if you're going to make a blog about beauty and self... Read More »