How to Be a Good April Fooler?

Answer April Fools is a great day for pointless and fun pranks. Here are things you will have to learn if you want to have a good time on that day. Just make sure you read everything carefully. Don't forg... Read More »

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My in laws went on vacation to Mexico on April 16, and are planning to return on April 27. With the swine flu?

Check this out:…You can also contact CDC direct with Qs.More global info on the subject:…

April 15 nearly here! What’s a good way to make $72k in cash look like income HELP!?

French Toast is in accounting. I'm sure she could play around with your numbers. She is going to be playing around with my numbers too.And by numbers I mean genitalia.

If I avoid going ONLINE on April 1st, will I avoid the confliker worm Is it safe to go online on April 2nd?

Staying off the internet is just plain silly. If Conficker is already on your computer, it can wait until April 2 to activate.And Conficker is already out there, already on millions of computers. I... Read More »

If March winds bring April showers,and April showers bring May flowers,then what do May flowers bring?