How to Be a Freeman?

Answer Emo, goth, "scene", punk, skater, gangster, prep... the world is full of labels and "subcultures". Are you not sick of people labeling you? Are you not sick of subconsciously labeling every person ... Read More »

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Who is Freeman Dyson?

Freeman Dyson, now retired, was a physics professor at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. He has published many scientific books written for the average person. His greatest accomplishment i... Read More »

How to Act Like Huey Freeman?

Huey Freeman is one of the main characters on the cartoon, "The Boondocks". He's a modern day revolutionist and pessimist, despite being 10 years old. Mimicking Huey's style isn't that hard, but it... Read More »

Has Morgan freeman died?

How to Act Like Riley Freeman?

Ever wanted to act like the boondocks Riley Freeman?Here's your chance!