How to Be a Flight Attendant?

Answer The competition for a career as a flight attendant is high, as there are more applicants than there are available jobs. The requirements for flight attendants has increased as commercial flight car... Read More »

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How to Become a Flight Attendant?

The career of a flight attendant can be an exciting and glamorous one, but nevertheless, it requires hard work and has it's downsides. Just as with any other job, dedication and knowledge are the k... Read More »

How to Write a CV for a Flight Attendant?

A well-written curriculum vitae will help you get a good flight attendant position. Airline companies look for people who are always willing to make a good first impression, because the way you pr... Read More »

How to Become A Corporate Flight Attendant?

Unlike a commercial flight attendant, a corporate flight attendant works onboard a private aircraft. Some corporate flight attendants work on the company jet for a specific company while others are... Read More »

Flight Attendant Emergency Procedures?

Flight attendants are required on board commercial aircrafts. There is usually one flight attendant for 50 passengers, However there may be more or less depending on the type of aircraft or due to ... Read More »