How to Be a Film Maker?

Answer Have you ever been so interested in films so much that you've wanted to make one yourself? Well, if this applies to you; then this is the perfect article.

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How to Become a Documentary Film Maker?

Being a documentary filmmaker is hard work, and isn't as rewarding financially as making TV shows or feature films. Remember that you don't need to be part of a studio to make a blockbuster documen... Read More »

How to Be an Independent Film Maker?

Independent film making often produces the most thought-provoking, original, and sometimes controversial material in the film world. It's an incredible experience even if you only ever make a singl... Read More »

Can you speed up film on Windows Movie Maker?

Download & install 'Custom Speed Effects for Movie Maker(XP & Vista)' from . It is a freeware. After installing this software, you will get effects which can speed u... Read More »

What's a good camera for an amateur film-maker?

To shoot film, you need a 16 mm or 35 mm motion picture cameraWhat I think you want to do is shoot video using some kind of video cameraWhat you don't seem to know is that getting a camera is only ... Read More »