How to Be a Female Rocker?

Answer Hey. You are here because you wanted to know how to become a Female Rocker. I'm going to tell you what I know, because it seems like a lot of people are asking, but of course you can incorporate yo... Read More »

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ATTENTION ALL FEMALE GOTHS: Edgy, rocker fashion tips?

• Fish(nets) are friends, not food! Don't be afraid to rock some awesome tights. They spice up any leg-baring clothes. Lace, opaque, shredded, fishnet... There are unlimited possibilities. • Th... Read More »

If fecal matter gets into the urinary tract of an adult female causing bladder infections why is the same not true of female infants?

It really depends on how often he or she does it. If they wet maybe once a month, they will stop soon, don't worry. If they do it 3 times a week, i would put them in pullups at night, they wont wan... Read More »

Is it best to have 2 female dogs or a male&a female?

On One Hand: Same Sex Dogs Compete For Social RankAdding another dog to your household requires careful consideration of several factors, as temperament, breed and age influence the outcome. Howeve... Read More »

How to Use an Ab Rocker?

This high-impact exercise strengthens your abdominals and obliques.