How to Be a Fast SMS Typer?

Answer Have you ever been wondering how most of your friends type really fast on their phones ?Are you upset when people tell you you answer slowly to SMSes ? Well, those days are gone, check this out !

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Need an auto typer/clicker?

you may check out this program that helped me before

How to Make an Auto Typer With Applescript?

If you have a mac and can't find an autotyper, or you want to make one instead, this article is for you.

Im 18 5ft8 14stone male i want to lose 2stone fast how many calories a day should i take in to burn fat fast?

u will never lose weight if your still eating them triple cheeseburgers?

Is it healthier to eat food slowly or fast (slow or fast side)?

eat food slowly by chewing well as it helps in digestion also if u eat slowly you dont overeat