How to Be a Fascinating Person?

Answer You become a fascinating person when you accept yourself for all your quirks and oddities, as well as all the good traits, and you are able to balance your interests and ideals into one mega human.

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Fascinating- my own medical diagnosis?

Bravo! Improper/irrelevant diagnosis caused this? You should get your theory checked with a Doc. Or, at least, check if you've got strep even today. Get it taken care of once and for all.

Don't you find my eye colour fascinating?

Sounds fascinating but maybe somewhere along the history of your family someone may have had green eyes maybe you're adopted... Only joking but just be happy you seem quite unique!

Why are rumours so fascinating, and how do we stop them before they go too far?

3 reasons why you should not stop rumours from spreading:-1. Rumours = bad publicity but is free publicity, why not?2. Rumours gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself to work harder to prov... Read More »

Most Fascinating Science Fair Topics?

Science fairs usually have 10 to 12 categories in which students can enter their projects. Some project topics touch on interdisciplinary sciences and can be placed under one or more categories. Th... Read More »