How to Be a Dramatica?

Answer Dress creatively & be well-groomedA Dramatica is someone who is creative, confident and deeply involved with the arts. If you would like to be one, simply follow these steps:

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Why is encyclopedia dramatica down?

I think it's because too many 13yo boys, and 16yo girls were visiting for the lulz and pwned their server. Or someone was angry and DDOSED the mo fo.Either way our LULZ have been PWNED!!!!

Encyclopedia dramatica...!!! :(?

I have fond childhood memories of that page.

Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Encyclopediadramatica became

What is Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Unfortunately, you can't live in it, as Encyclopedia Dramatica WAS a wiki, but no longer exists. It was a humourous wiki, and you can find the Wikipedia article at Read More »