How to Be a Dandy?

Answer A 19th century dandy.Dandies were late 18th and 19th century 'fashionistas' - of the male sex. The style and influences had a revival in the 1980's with the New Romantic scene, but have other than ... Read More »

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What is the origin of the term"Jim Dandy"?

The noun phrase, "Jim Dandy," which is often used to describe an outstanding person or thing, first occurred in the 1840s song "Dandy Jim of Caroline." However, writer Gerald Cohen suggests that Ji... Read More »

Who invented Jim& Dandy twins swing set?

Jim and Dandy, the 12-inch tall toddler dolls, were developed by a team at Ideal Toy Company. They were dressed in coordinated exercise suits, and designed to go with a toy swing-set and other play... Read More »

How is Dandy-Walker syndrome treated?

The primary treatment for DWM and associated hydrocephalus is the placement of a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt

When was Dandy-Walker syndrome found?

Walter E. Dandy and Arthur E. Walker described the signs and symptoms of the condition in the early 1900s