How to Be a Crowd Pleaser?

Answer You remember that girl you met at school the other day that everyone seems to like? Gosh, wouldn't it feel great to be kinda like her? Think about it! She's got it all, because people like her! But... Read More »

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How to Stop Being a People Pleaser?

Do you habitually give in to other people because you just can't stand the thought of upsetting them? Do you put your needs to one side because you get a buzz from someone else's happiness, only to... Read More »

How to Get a Crowd Going?

You are in a band, and you really want to get the crowd pumped so a show will be that much better. It's always good to make your shows memorable, so your fan base will gradually increase. If you do... Read More »

How to Crowd Surf?

If you have been in or watched a rock concert, you've probably seen some crowd surfing, where someone (either performer or audience member) is carried over the crowd by the hands of the audience. W... Read More »

How to Buy Wine for a Crowd?

Wine is usually served at weddings, parties and other social occasions. Whether or not the wine is openly available or if it is a cash bar, having enough wine on hand is essential to keeping guests... Read More »