How to Be a Cool and Fun Person?

Answer Girls just wanna have fun!Nobody wants to be around someone who is mean and boring! Do you want to be a cool person who is fun to be around? Here's how.

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How to Be a Nice and Cool Person?

If you are one of those people that you are "kind" of cool at school, here are some cool tips for you.If you follow these rules you could become one cool and nice person.

Justin Bieber HATERS only: Do you think he's a cool person to hang out with?

I don't understand why people hate him. None of you even know him, therefore you can't judge him right. Yes, his voice is high. But it's getting a lot deeper than it was before. This is his dream, ... Read More »

Are we cool I mean, are we cool Musically speaking, what is cool?

Sweet. My kind of music. I favorited the site so I can listen to more. Love his style.Thanks.

When a person suffering a severe asthma attack is pale cool and clammy what does this signify?

It signifies they are having a severe asthma attack. It also signifies they require immediate medical attention, as the results of this can be fatal.