How to Be a Community Organizer?

Answer Interested in becoming a Community Organizer in your city or town? Here are ways to do so, and be effective at it.

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What is required federal and state for changing a condo community to a 55 and older community in ct?

Best practices indicate that you will be best advised by an attorney in response to this question. Details you'll need to assemble for your first meeting include: Copies of all governing documentsA... Read More »

Is a residential condominium community legally the same as a cooperative apartment community?

It depends on what you mean by 'legally'. Each is a legal business, often a non-profit corporation, and in that sense, then each is a legal entity. Each is operated by a board of directors which is... Read More »

How to Find and Navigate the One Community Intentional Community Site?

One Community ( is the result of 15 years of planning and preparation to create an intentional community and ethosolution to the cultural and financial problems of ... Read More »

To what extent is the medical community distrusted by the YA community?

I'm not sure - just thought I'd share with you the fact that my boys' doctor doesn't vaccinate her kids.