How to Be a Collector?

Answer Stamp collection.Do you want to collect something? Or maybe you want to be like your friends. You might just want to have something to do when you are bored out of your mind. Here is how.

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How much of a DVD collector are you + q?

1. How much do you have to like a movie to buy it on DVD? oh I really have to like it a lot2. Do you own any double packs/ 2 movies in one packs? yes3. If you had to give away 5 of your DVDs, whi... Read More »

How to Keep Your Collector Car Alive?

Car maintenance is critical in keeping your vehicle in top shape, and classic cars require more care than your average automobile. Due to their old age, general delicacy and the fact that they are ... Read More »

Car Collector Gifts?

You can't go wrong buying a car collector a gift related to his favorite hobby. Give a present that reminds him of a car or a present that he can use on his car. No matter the gift you decide on, m... Read More »

What Makes a Collector Car?

A collector car is an antique, vintage or rare automobile that is desirable among car enthusiasts. As with any collectible, monetary value is variable and determined by the market.