How to Be a Classy Girl in Middle School?

Answer If you follow these steps, you shouldn't end up having purple hair!Guys may put girls into these groups: popular, punk, loner, loser, scholar, nerd, dork, girly or manly. They rarely use classy, so... Read More »

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How to Be the "It" Girl in Middle School?

You know the girl I'm talking about. That one girl who has a million friends, a hot boyfriend, and is super smart. That girl who's life seems perfect. That girl who has everything any girl could ev... Read More »

How to Tell off a Mean Girl (Middle School)?

Bullying is horrible, but with girls it can be utterly nasty. Rumors, lies, online attacks. It can be really tough. Hopefully these steps will help you deal with the mean girl at school.

How to Be an Emo Girl in Middle School?

Many people think emo is being sad and cutting but the truth is that emos can be really fun, nice people; emos are people that take small reactions to a more dramatic level, like love, sadness, mad... Read More »

How to Ask a Girl Out in Middle School?

If you are in eighth grade, here is how to get that girl of your dreams. It won't be easy, but it's worth it in the end.