How to Be a Christian Fan of Black Metal?

Answer If you are religious, but are a fan of true Norwegian Black Metal it can be hard for you. Black Metal can be very anti-religious. This article will help you to be respected as a Christian in the bl... Read More »

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Black metal/grind metal type lyrics, but NOT black metal/grind metal?

Who cares about lyrics in extreme metal? Weirdo.Try Ghost B.C

Metal heads in need of help, looking for black metal bands?

50 or 100?? No thanks...Carpathian ForestGorgorothHypothermiaMutiilationAustereThy LightLost InsideColdWorldLeviathanDarkthroneImmortalXasthurDark FuneralArmagedda

About Christian Death Metal?

Though it may sound like a contradiction, Christian death metal is a legitimate music style. Like most forms of Christian rock, Christian metal sounds just like its secular predecessor from a music... Read More »

Who is the heaviest christian metal band?

On One Hand: Impending DoomImpending Doom formed in Riverside, California in 2005. "The band's sound may be the most extreme among its holy moshpit brethren," according to a 2007 Stylus Magazine re... Read More »