How to Be a Casting Director?

Answer Now whether your the casting director for a play at your school or even a casting director at the Walnut Street Theater. There are important steps to being a casting director you need to know the i... Read More »

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What is a casting director?

In theater, television, film and advertising production, casting is the process of selecting talent such as actors and actresses to play roles or read lines. A casting director is the professional ... Read More »

How To Become a Casting Director for Video?

Casting directors have very important jobs.Any time something is going to be recorded on video and played back for any audience, whether it's movie, a television commercial or a primetime show, it ... Read More »

Education Required for Casting Director?

Casting directors are a major linchpin in the creation of every film, television program and theatrical production. As is the case with most careers in entertainment, those who want to be casting d... Read More »

How long does a casting director look at your resume?

On One Hand: A Quality Head Shot and Resume are ImportantA casting director will look at your resume and head shot briefly at first, and then if she is interested she may peruse it longer. An actor... Read More »