How to Be a Bond Girl?

Answer Fancy being a Bond girl? It isn't all about the glamour; it's also about the attitude and presentation. Over the years, Bond girls have truly come into their own and have been represented more freq... Read More »

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What qualities do you need to be a Bond girl and why?

You need number1, the look, and number2, the attitude.The look is whatever's considered the hottest at the moment, preferably it will even set a new trend.The attitude you can get an idea of from t... Read More »

How to Apply Bond Girl Makeup?

Apply Bond Girl MakeupBond girls are famous female characters in the James Bond movies-if you are going to apply make up like them these are the easy steps.

What is the Difference Between a Surety Bond & a Fidelity Bond?

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Short Term Bond Vs. Long-Term Bond Rates?

The relationship between the yield of a bond on the one hand and its term, or time to maturity, on the other is sometimes known as the "term structure." When it is plotted on a graph in which time-... Read More »